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At 360 Shopfitters Melbourne, we make it our business to help you better your own business. The premises you work in contributes greatly to the operations and success of your enterprise. For new businesses, there is a need to ensure a functional space in which employees can get their work done comfortably while providing a suitable ambience for interactions with clientele, suppliers, contractors and so on.

More established businesses will from time to time need to make renovations, expansions, or even revamp their entire look. No matter the size of the shopfitting project, our team is capable of handling the tasks needed for you to achieve whatever aesthetic you desire. As the top shop fitters Melbourne businesses can depend on, we strongly believe in ensuring our clients receive the best value for money and endeavour to provide comprehensive services tailored to meet your specific needs.

We have undertaken many shopfitting projects in and around the Melbourne area which has provided a chance for our team to showcase their abilities in multiple ways. From project design to execution, we offer a streamlined and organised process through which our clients get to understand and follow the progress of work that will culminate in the realisation of their vision.

We engage in serious consultation during the design phase as a means to fully understand what our clients are looking to accomplish. We draw on our team’s over 47 years of industry experience and insight into design standards to develop interior looks that our clients can take pride in. Whether you have already crafted your own design plan or have no idea where to start, we will work with you to conceptualise designs that will meet your demands and fit your budget.

During the design process we take time to assess how your business operates, the size and configuration of the space you are in, its location, access points, and the impression you want your brand to make on customers and other stakeholders. This will allow us to develop an aesthetic and layout that conforms to the flow of work and functionality that allows your operations to succeed.

We understand that commercial projects require the consideration of all the stakeholders. It is not just about recreating a look in a fashion magazine, but ensuring the aesthetic developed meets the expectations of employees, clients and investors so your business is primed to secure the most sales and revenue possible. the presentation and functionality of your premises will have a strong impact on your bottom line, hence the need to invest wisely in the best quality Melbourne shop fitting services.

We eliminate the need to have to engage separate design and construction firms by offering an all-inclusive range of services that include final construction. Even where special equipment and contractors need to be engaged, we take on that responsibility, using our range of contacts to ensure we identify the most qualified professionals capable of delivering quality service.

In the interests of accountability and transparency, we engage in regular and detailed communication with our clients. This is an essential aspect of our project management so clients can understand the progress of works at any given time. We consider this beneficial to our work, as these updates ensure all parties are on the same page and that we remain on track to meeting client expectations, if not surpassing them.

Our team takes a vested interest in the successful completion of every project. Not just because it is a reflection of their talent and workmanship, but also due to the joy it brings our clients to see their desires met. Whatever the size or scope of the project, we make it our goal to deliver the best customer satisfaction.

This not only provides a means to showcase our abilities but has also earned us an enviable reputation in the Melbourne shop fitting business that has resulted in numerous recommendations and repeat business. The customer loyalty and advocacy we enjoy is a big contributor to the success of our business.

Our attention to detail, skilled craftsmanship, timely execution, and reasonable rates are qualities our clients appreciate and the reason we are highly sought after when it comes to commercial fit-outs. We are able to scale our services to match whatever size of the project you want to be undertaken and within any budget. So if you are ready to get started in giving your premises a new look that will boost your business image, productivity, and revenues, get in touch with our team at 360 Shopfitters today.

Shopfitting – Our Speciality

360 Shopfitters Melbourne offers an all-inclusive service to meet the shopfitting needs of all kinds of businesses. Our many years of experience and expertise are hyper-focused on bringing to life all your desired concepts in an innovative and articulated manner. We work diligently to create unique and functional interiors that our clients can be proud of, customers delight in, and employees thrive in. We have worked on numerous commercial projects and consider it a priority to gain a deep understanding of what our clients want and how we can facilitate this process. The work we do in shop fitting Melbourne businesses has helped establish our reputation as specialists in providing first-class shop fitting services. We have served numerous businesses in various sectors, including hospitality, retail, catering, and much more. So whether you want to renovate your offices or want to set up a new restaurant, our talented and professional team at 360 Shopfitters Melbourne is readily available to help you formulate and realise your vision.

Commercial Fit Out

As a business ourselves, we understand the need to make renovations and expansion without interfering with regular work. Most businesses cannot afford to shut down or relocate temporarily due to shopfitting work. Their premises is where they meet their clients and have all their equipment set up. Our team can work around your schedule and key work areas, ensuring your productivity has no reason to falter, as we focus on the tasks needed to uplift your workspace as desired. Whether it is just refreshing your wall paint or a complete renovation, we offer a flexible service aimed at easing what can often be a stressful and disruptive process. We will work with you to devise an arrangement that will allow you to carry on with your day-to-day operations, while we make progress meeting your shopfitting needs. Our team has the requisite skills and experience in Melbourne shop fitouts to ensure your clients know that it is business as usual even as you revamp your premises.

Design And Concept

As one of the best Melbourne shop fitters, we offer an all-inclusive service so that all works you commission can be executed without a hitch. As part of our project management services, we facilitate all work including sourcing for materials, negotiating with suppliers, engaging subcontractors, scheduling work, monitoring progress, managing health and safety issues, and monitoring costs. From design work to completion, we work hard to deliver the best value for money through our services. All this starts with considering your vision and even where you may not have ideas, we can help find inspiration that will guide our work. We carefully oversee the execution of all project work, leaving you free to focus on your core business as you await the results of our efforts. It remains our primary goal to ensure results that surpass expectations and a project that is delivered on time and to budget. No matter the size or scope of the project, we take great pride in delivering top quality craftsmanship that will serve you and your business needs for years to come.

We will bring new life to your Melbourne business

Whether you are opening new offices or are looking to reinvent your brand, overhauling your premises remains an excellent way to breathe new life into your business. With our shop fitouts Melbourne businesses can expect high quality and creative designs built to exacting standards and under the workmanship and supervision of talented professionals.

Our team is made up of highly trained and experienced hands who work in a collaborative effort that includes consideration of current and classic trends, aesthetics, and functionality to develop unique and timeless concepts. From start to finish of every project, we provide competent project management services that ensure our clients can monitor progress and ensure accountability. You can rely on us to deliver the best shop fitouts Melbourne has ever seen.

Services We Offer

360 Shopfitting Melbourne Wide

How Shopfitting Services Benefit Your Business

For any business that needs to have a brick and mortar presence, appearances matter. More so when you require a shopfront through which to serve clients. It is often what prospective clients see when they take a peek at your business that will tempt them to go in further and find out what you have to offer. Even when they already know what your business offers, the environment they enter into will partly influence their desire to spend money here.

Having run-down or shabby premises will create the wrong impression on clients. It can also affect staff morale which will, in turn, affect their motivation and attitude when serving customers and interacting with other stakeholders. Remember that your employees will spend much of the working day in this environment and if it does not meet their functional needs and offers a poor aesthetic, it can affect their motivation to work.

You can help boost productivity and better engagement with clients by providing a conducive work environment that meets the needs of your staff and appeals to your target market. When you work with top Melbourne shop fitting providers, you get to tap into their creativity and expertise from working with other commercial enterprises and insider industry knowledge. This will better inform the designs they develop for you while taking inspiration from your ideas.

All-inclusive providers will also take on responsibility for all aspects of working on shopfitting projects. This can include seeking building permission where needed, sourcing specialty equipment or materials, and negotiating pricing with suppliers. They will undertake all the work, leaving you able to focus on your business, stress-free.

Their expert guidance also helps clients to understand the scope of work involved, and what is required to bring to life their designs. The longer you are in business, the more knowledgeable you become in such matters and the better you can plan for such shopfitting work in the future.

The streamlined and all-inclusive service also helps to ensure work is completed faster and precisely. This enables businesses to better manage costs as everything is kept within budget. It also helps to limit any disruption to your business, especially if was already operating at the time you decided to undertake a shopfitting project. With flexible work schedules and proper planning, most businesses can carry on with routine operations as renovations or other works are going on around them.

Finding The Right Melbourne Shop Fitters

Whether you are looking to a section of your offices or set up an entirely new branch of your business, you will need shopfitting services to help create and build an interior that fits your needs. When searching for shopfitters Melbourne businesses will find there are many options to choose from. It is however obvious that in any industry, there are good and bad choices. Landing on the wrong choice can however lead to devastating consequences that could harm the stability and reputation of your business.

An important step to take when choosing a shopfitter is looking at their portfolio. These are past projects they have worked on. You will want to see the creativity they put in their designs and the quality of their workmanship. You will also want to reach out to past clients to find out how they interacted with the shopfitting firm and their crews. At 360 Shopfitters, we encourage open communication that gives our clients peace of mind that their project is progressing as planned and expected.

To confirm you are dealing with qualified professionals, you may also want to ask about accreditation and licensing. This is the bare minimum in verifying competency and forms the foundation for the many years of experience you can rely on. Our team is made up of qualified shopfitters that specialise in various segments including electricians, carpenters, bricklayers, plumbers, and much more. All the competencies they bring to the table have made it possible for our business to capably undertake projects of varying sizes and complexities.

Another aspect to consider when choosing shopfitters is the cost of the work involved. It is to be expected that you will seek quotations from several shopfitters you are considering. However, it is never advisable to go for the lowest bid. You should want quality work that will last rather than cheap results. At 360 Shopfitters, we believe in offering our clients the best value for money. We work with clients to arrive at a feasible budget for the desired work and undertake deliberate cost management to ensure no wastage of resources.

With many businesses having suffered from engaging disappointing shopfitters, our team also undertakes repair and renovation work to help them salvage what they can from poor quality results. We have helped many businesses redo shopfitting work so they can get back to operating out of premises that meet a higher standard. We however recommend coming to us right from the start to avoid the added expense of fixing preventable issues.

Why Choose 360 Shopfitters

All-Inclusive and

We offer our clients all the services they would need to carry out even the most complex of shop fit-outs in-house. This makes us a one-stop shop where all the expertise and access to materials and equipment you will need can be found under one roof.

We combine this with a streamlined service that takes us from initial consultation to satisfactory completion. By following this step-by-step process, we can ensure all bases are covered and effectively demonstrate the progress that will get us to achieve the client's desires. Remember that failing to plan is planning to fail.
No business wants to be accused of imitating another unless you are a franchise. This is why our team makes every effort to deliver creative designs that will serve the needs of the business while giving their brand a unique flair that even customers will be able to distinguish and appreciate.

We utilise CAD technology to develop final sketch drawings that give detailed information on how construction work will be carried out to precise measurements. This ensures an optimal design process where resources can be allocated accordingly and work can be executed on time and within budget.

Unique and Cost- Effective Designs

Expertise and Reliability

From design work to construction, we provide our clients with access to the best expertise in the Melbourne shop fitting business. We highly value the talented team we have recruited and built up and provide them with the resources needed to deliver high-quality results to our clients.

With over 47 years of shared experience, our team has a strong understanding of how shopfitting work should be conducted, including market trends, pricing, legalities, and industry standards. We have leveraged this knowledge and expertise to guide our projects and bring out amazing results that our clients can be proud of.
Through project management, we can plan and oversee all required tasks, ensure availability of the needed skills and resources, and ensure achievement of set-out goals that will end in a satisfactory end completion. Our project managers liaise with clients to ensure that they are kept updated on progress and that work is moving along as scheduled.

We also know that budgetary concerns are a key factor and strive to ensure our estimates and expenditures are as closely matched as possible. Our cost management processes are designed to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.

Project and Cost Management

Whether we are working with readymade or bespoke construction materials or equipment, we endeavour to ensure that it is of the best quality and can cope with the demands of a commercial enterprise. With our talented and reliable workmanship, we can assure our clients of durable results.

The decision you make to work with us will guarantee robust construction that we will be happy to return and refresh when the time comes. Keeping up appearances is very much a part of front office businesses and we can help to ensure that the quality results achieved on our projects and others are kept looking good with regular touch-ups.

Our latest Projects

How We Work

we believe that for projects to progress smoothly, there needs to be a streamlined process for our shopfitting jobs. We take all our clients through a carefully orchestrated step-by-step process that ensures a common and comprehensive understanding of what goals must be met and how.


Initial Consultation

This is where we gather as much information as possible on what our clients want to be accomplished on everything from practical performance to aesthetics. We delve into the needs of employees in meeting customer demands and the technical requirements to achieving this.


Preliminary Design

Here we conduct a site visit that will aid in collecting data we will use in creating an initial concept design. This design is then shared with clients so they have an opportunity to convey their opinions and confirm if we are on the right track.



Using the feedback earlier given, our design team then proceeds to make whatever desired and improved changes before again sharing this with the client. This is repeatedly done till we arrive at a design on which we mutually feel can form the basis of the final sketch drawings.


Approval Stage

Once the client is satisfied with the final design, we can then proceed to prepare the necessary documentation for final approval.

Once the necessary documents are signed, we then proceed with acquiring the required building permits, if needed, project planning, and commencement of construction. A dedicated project manager will be assigned to oversee works, from start to finish. This will be the person to ensure work is carried out as was scheduled and provides updates on progress.

What our clients say

Thanks Luke, John and Team in taking over from the word go, from the plans, permits and council approval stage to the end result of the completition of my shop. They certainly know their stuff as I didn’t know where to start from, took all my concerns away and took control. They couldn’t do enough to keep me happy and get the results I was after. Thanks 360 Shopfitters glad I found you. Would definitely recommend you to my family and friends and colleagues Thankyou once again.

-Lauretta Finis

John and team was so helpful , 360 did my job in 3 weeks and we are still getting great feedback from Customers on our fit-out.

-Lorraine Ford

John Designed My Supermarket and then Built it. Perfect Job.

-Chimene Lokossa

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