Frequently Asked Questions About Australian Shopfitters

Blog / May 25, 2021

Thinking about hiring a professional shopfitter to breathe life into your retail store? Chances are you have a couple of questions in mind regarding shopfitters and their service. A shopfitter is a company that designs, produces, and installs general retail and commercial shop-fittings like display units, counters, showcases, doors, and other related fixtures.

Plenty of business owners hire a shopfitter to redesign their shelving and merchandising displays. Whether it be maximising product exposure or improving customer flow, shopfitters know how to create unique designs that can benefit your business in many ways.

To get a better understanding of what shopfitters have to offer, let’s take a look at the most frequently asked questions regarding them and their services.

What are the roles of shopfitters?

Shopfitters fulfil a variety of roles when hired to fit out a commercial establishment. Their most common tasks include:

  • Assembling and installing internal fittings for their clients
  • Preparing the design, working on construction drawings
  • Specifying orders for the materials needed for construction
  • Using special tools to build custom fittings and furniture
  • Assembling and securing components together to create segments of furniture and fixtures
  • Work closely with other professionals who perform other duties of the shopfitting process (i.e. plumbers, electricians, etc.)

When should I hire a shopfitter?

If you’re looking to restore, renovate, or revitalise the look of your establishment, then it makes perfect sense to hire a shopfitter. You benefit from the experience and expertise of a reputable shopfitter by having a unique store design that stands out from your competitors. You should hire a shopfitter for the following reasons:

  • Utilise your store’s available space in the best way possible.
  • Achieve a specific store look that caters to your needs and preferences.
  • Gain access to discounts and exclusive “industry-only” products.

Are there any governing bodies that oversee shopfitters?

Yes, there are. The main representative body that oversees shopfitters is the Design Institute of Australia. Members of the body adhere to a strict code of ethics to ensure quality work and guarantee the satisfaction of their clients. There are multiple industry associations and bodies that govern the quality of service that professional shopfitters provide. Some of these associations are:

  • Builders Registration Board (WA)
  • Building Practitioners Board (Vic)
  • Building Services Authority (Qld)
  • Form
  • Franchise Directory of Australia
  • Office of Consumer and Business Affairs (SA)

Each state has an Office of Fair Trading which is responsible for addressing disputes regarding interior designers and shopfitters. In Victoria, the Building Commission assumes this responsibility while also regulating the building industry in their state.

How can a shopfitter help develop your brand identity?

Professional shopfitting is one of the best ways to develop your brand image. Many shopfitters specialise in marketing and product analysis to give their clients a boost in sales. With their experience and expertise, you can transform your retail store and improve your customer’s shopping experience altogether.

Plenty of businesses underestimate the importance of a good store layout without knowing that interior design and shopfitting go hand in hand. With an expert shopfitter, you can maximise product exposure and improve customer flow which ultimately leads to better brand recognition.

What are the latest trends and requirements for a professional shopfitting service?

When it comes to professional shopfitting, the requirements may vary depending on the establishment and the type of fitout to be done. For example, fashion retail stores require up-to-date knowledge of trends and styles in hopes of attracting more customers.

Pubs and bars, on the other hand, require a relaxing yet entertaining environment where customers can enjoy and feel at ease. Great shopfitters know how to tailor their services according to the exact needs of their clients to ensure quality and satisfied work.

How is shopfitting done?

Shopfitters first evaluate your establishment to assess the space they are working with. This enables the design team to create a concept that’s in line with your brand image without sacrificing design integrity. Once the design concept has been approved, the shopfitter will start working on the construction drawings to provide the client with an accurate quotation. Alternatively, a client may choose to provide their drawings made by an independent architect or interior designer.

The vast majority of professional shopfitters offer an end-to-end solution, meaning they handle and manage all aspects of the fitout process. They allocate a Project Manager to your project and their responsibility includes providing you with a single point of contact and dealing with all the processes involved such as:

  • Schedules
  • Timelines
  • Sub-trades
  • Installations
  • Project handover

A lot goes into professional shopfitting than most people think. The key to a successful fitout is to hire a reputable shopfitter that fully understands the industry you’re working in. Some shopfitters specialise in a particular industry while others are more versatile with the projects they take.

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