How to Attract More Customers to Your Newly Fitout Cafe?

Shop Fitting Services / September 13, 2022

If you’re planning to open up a cafe, you may believe that the beverages and food you offer will be sufficient to entice visitors, but how will you be able to bring people inside in the first place? The success of a cafe is mainly dependent on the quality of your products and the customer service you provide. However, what attracts and retains loyal customers at your cafe will depend not only on the food but also on the interior design of your cafe. The goal is to create an environment that makes your visitors feel at ease while they enjoy an exceptional relaxing experience.

In this article, we will be going over how to attract customers to your newly fitout cafe so you may be able to establish a name for yourself and your business!

How to design a cafe that attracts customers

In today’s world, dining out is an experience that extends beyond a tempting menu and mouth watering flavours. The uniqueness of your café is in the overall experience you provide your patrons. Today’s customers expect an all-encompassing dining experience: service quality, atmosphere, and decoration significantly make your café appealing to the masses. 

A superior interior design creates an inviting atmosphere for your guests and encourages stay in your cafe longer. According to studies, the interior design of a restaurant influences customer happiness and their likelihood of returning to your cafe. Due to the ever-increasing competition, a cafe’s interior design and atmosphere are crucial for attracting consumers.

Here. we will be listing down important factors on how to design a cafe that attracts customers to assist your attract potential customers:

  • Do research about your cafe’s fitout

When business owners are starting out, they will most likely experience the fear and anxiety of failure. In order to erase all doubts in your mind, you need to do a little extra work before setting up your cafe. Here is where the research phase will be very beneficial to the future of your business. In truth, you want to uncover as many issues as possible before opening. 

Once you are aware of these underlying issues, you’ll need to devise strategies to avoid and overcome them. Conduct as much research as possible from the perspective of your manager, customers, other regional chains, and direct local competitors. You should determine your potential customer footfall or the number of customers who potentially walk by at any time. 

Keep in mind that this may vary between weekdays and weekends, mornings and afternoons, and even seasonally or throughout the month. Visit as many rival businesses as possible and absorb as much data as you can. Did the cafe feel comfortable when you walked in? What do you think of the menu items and the services they provide? How long did it take before your order arrived? Each and every detail contributes to the overall consumer experience; thus, no detail is insignificant!

  • Pick out colours that will help your cafe stand-out

Colours have always subconsciously influenced many areas of an individual’s daily life, whether it be grey skies or vibrant street signs. Customers’ food selections and mood to spend a generous amount of money in a cafe can be affected by colour, believe it or not. Since colour perception is associated with emotions and deep rooted experiences, colour impacts the satisfaction of your customers. Different colours evoke distinct emotions and substantially impact customers’ appetites and thirst. 

The colours you choose will affect how patrons view your cafe. Modern interior design goes well beyond the cliched black and white colour palette. Sharp contrasts are an essential element of modern interior design, giving it an outstanding and elegant appearance. A contemporary cafe should have a colour scheme with one or two dominating hues and accents of a contrasting shade to offer visual interest to the overall décor and area.

  • Selecting the best furniture and accessories for your cafe

When designing the inside of your cafe, you need to consider more than just the furniture that complements the ambience and theme. The comfort of your customers should be your number one concern. You should provide your customers with comfortable furnishings that encourage them to spend a little more time after they finish their meals. Also, the accessories you select for your restaurant must be meticulously planned to fit your cafe’s overall atmosphere. 

In addition to the artwork and table centrepieces, the chairs your customers use also contribute to the interior decor of your restaurant. If you manage a vibrant but lowkey coffee shop, hardwood chairs and stools with tall windows can enhance your patron’s experience as they enjoy a delicious local brew. If wooden chairs are utilised, however, they must be sanded and polished to create a safe and smooth surface. The furniture you intend to use should ideally be positioned systematically to help highlight the rest of your cafe’s features.

  • Make sure that your lighting is well-adjusted

Lighting is a vital aspect of the interior design of any business. The best suggestion we could offer for enhancing restaurant decor is to let in sufficient natural light into your establishment. Your cafe’s lighting may increase the space’s aesthetic appeal and create a dynamic atmosphere. It should also be able to match and enhance the restaurant’s motif and atmosphere. 

Decorative lighting plays an essential part in enhancing the appearance and atmosphere of your restaurant. Pendants, sconces, chandeliers, table and floor lamps, and cylinders are examples of decorative lighting. The decorative lighting should complement the interior, offer visual appeal, and give or contribute to the overall lighting scheme. Also take into account its practicality, not just its aesthetics.

The placement of lighting should complement your cafe’s vibe and meet the establishment’s needs. For instance, if fewer windows and less natural light enter the space, the restaurant lights should give sufficient illumination. It also depends on the restaurant’s operating hours and whether the dining space is indoors or outdoors.

  • Create a space to showcase art

Some of the world’s most imaginative interior designs have found a home in cafes. Setting up a part-time gallery inside your cafe can transport diners to another world. Technology, art, and nature can be used to create a fictitious world for your customers that are visually appealing to the majority of your visitors. As you’ve probably noticed, highlighting local art is the most recent trend that many businesses follow. 

Local art is a wholesome interior architectural theme that café owners can implement that can resonate well with customers. In addition to attracting patrons, you could promote local artists and regional culture among global customers, making your cafe a safe haven for artists and art lovers alike.


Cafes with well-designed interiors add to the success and profitability of any dining institution. Planning the interior design of your restaurant begins with market research, continues with an awareness of market trends, and closes with strategic implementation.

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