How to Balance Budget and Design in Your Shop-Fitting Project

Shop Fitting Services / July 27, 2023

When it comes to the best tips for saving costs on your fit out, who better to ask than a trusted, professional shopfitter in Melbourne? We have an incredible amount of experience and knowledge at 360 Shopfitters and can guide you seamlessly through all aspects of your fit out, from brainstorming concepts to cutting the ribbon. This article is based on our favourite tips and tricks for balancing your budgetary/design requirements when starting a new shopfitting adventure.

Tips for saving costs on your fit out

Too many Australian business owners put almost their entire focus and budget into creating incredible products and services but neglect the significance of displaying and selling them in a clever, appealing way. It is difficult to sell your products, no matter how amazing, if you struggle to entice people into your commercial space. This is where 360 Shoplifters step up and shine, offering remarkable, cost-effective solutions to invigorate any retail space. But how is it possible to achieve the best possible impression while keeping strict reins on the budget? Let’s take a closer look.

Research your budget

An obvious suggestion, but a crucial one. It would be a huge mistake to enter into a shopfitting mission with only a vague idea of how much it might cost and whether your company can afford that amount. Professional shopfitters can only work effectively when they know the exact budget they have in hand.

Rough, baseless figures help nobody and are a surefire way to stumble into overpriced, underwhelming disasters. Do your research, set your exact budget/maximum overspend and make it clear you will not spend more. Consult with your fit out specialists and be honest with them about financial constraints. You would be amazed what creative, unconventional thinkers can conjure up with very few resources, but they need to know the details upfront so they can weave their magic.

Set realistic expectations

Your chosen team of professional shopfitters will help give you a better idea of what can and cannot be achieved with the funds allowed, but it is important to be realistic and not expect miracles. There are many ways to reduce unnecessary spending and bring down the overall price of a fit out, but some costs are unavoidable and must be accounted for in any budget.

Don’t overlook hidden expenses

Make sure you are fully aware of all the expenses you are likely to incur and have included them in your estimated budgetary requirements. Consider:

  • Design briefs/technical plans
  • Construction costs and designer fees
  • Raw construction materials
  • Project management
  • Legal fees
  • Certification costs (approval/compliance/licensing etc.)
  • Furniture and accessories

Work closely with your shopfitting experts and get estimates for all this expenditure before making any agreements.

Have a clear view of the bigger picture

This does not mean you need even the slightest idea of how you want the finished article to look, that is the remit of your team of shopfitters, and you can stay out of it totally if you wish until the time comes to review concepts. But what you must have is an overall vision of costs, labour requirements, and licenses and approvals, all applying their own pressure to the budget.

The creative vision that follows is going to be built on your understanding of the bigger picture and how you convey that to your team. The balance between budget and design is an important one in the process of creating the perfect interior shop fit out. It cannot stretch too far and leave the real world of fiscal restraints behind, but neither can it cut corners and seem cheap and tacky.

Keep things simple and look for creative solutions

The options when starting a new shop fit out are endless and exciting, but the more complex and convoluted they become, the higher the associated costs will rise. There is every reason to think creatively and create something unique and stunning, but it is also a mistake to try and reinvent the wheel in every facet of your build. Some traditional methods are widely used for a reason, so pick your battles and don’t insist on innovation running deep through every single aspect of the project unless you want to seriously reconsider the budget.

The trend towards revamping second-hand furniture and describing it as ‘shabby chic’ showed us that not every aspect of a design masterpiece has to be fresh out of the box and never before seen. All it takes is some creative wizardry, and a will to use existing resources to create an overall vision at a fraction of the cost.

Other handy tips for creating the perfect shop fit out

  • Involve your shopfitter in the process as early as possible
  • Don’t base your choice of shopfitter and design concept solely on the cheapest quote. Always choose the best materials and staff you can afford, cutting costs in these areas is a shortsighted false economy.
  • Focus on the objectives and keep one eye firmly on the budget in case of spiralling costs
  • Avoid ‘have-a-go’ DIY disasters

Contact us

Those tips for saving costs on your fit out are a great place to start, but the story changes with each company and its exact requirements. Get in touch with the team here at 360 Shopfitters, and let us discuss your vision in more detail. We always offer open advice and guidance and can give you a helping hand to get your project started on the right foot, helping you all the way to fruition.