How to Maximize your Cafe Fitout’s Lighting

Shop Fitting Services / February 9, 2023

A restaurant is a social hub where people can unwind, catch up, and express themselves freely. Therefore, the lighting must be coordinated with the rest of the room’s elements, including the décor, the layout, and the color scheme. It’s also imperative that the lighting appropriately highlights the foods’ colors, freshness, and intricate details. Especially when first opening a café, coming up with the ideal lighting solutions might be difficult. Pay close attention to the lighting of your cafe if you want to attract customers and keep them around longer.

In this article, we will be taking a look at a wide array of Lighting Design Ideas to give you an idea on how to maximize the lighting in your cafe fitout.

Why is lighting so important in a cafe?

Lighting is one of the most significant factors to consider when designing the inside of a restaurant. It is a crucial feature that can make or break the enjoyment and experience of your cafe’s patrons. Your newly set up space may have a gorgeous interior with high-end finishes and architectural elements that are ahead of the competition. However, your cafe will lose all of its visual appeals if the lighting is neglected and the space is left too bright or dark. This is why it is beneficial to understand the impact of lighting in a restaurant atmosphere.

However, not all cafes are the same. The optimal lighting design for a restaurant will differ depending on whether it is a spacious, casual eatery or a private, luxury establishment. When designing your café, you must ensure that the lighting fixtures complement the décor as a whole. These decisions depend on the look of your ceilings, walls, and also furniture arrangement. The most crucial aspect of every design and lighting decision is to guarantee that both are taken into account. The interior of your cafe must complement the location of the lights and vice versa.

How to maximize the lighting in your cafe fitout

Now that you’re aware of the importance that lighting has to your cafe, let’s go over the many ways on how to improve upon your cafe’s current lighting conditions with these different tips and bits of insight:

  • Make sure your cafe can let in a lot of natural light

Your cafe can serve as a local hub. It can serve as a place for local employees and students to concentrate on work or assignments. Others may use it to reread their favorite book or reconnect with an old buddy. All these things should be complemented with ‘natural lighting,’ the interior design phrase for sunlight streaming through your windows. When it’s sunny and bright outside, you should consider using the sun as the primary light source in your café. It’s energizing and encouraging for both your customers and your employees.

For this reason, your cafe’s interior design should use numerous wide windows, glass doors, mirrors, and skylights to let in more natural light. Choose heat control films to block out excess heat during the hottest months of the year if you are concerned about the excessive summer heat. You may add sheer or airy, flowing curtains within the cafe if you desire. This will allow you to regulate summertime sunlight and heat. Not only does natural light make things bright and attractive, but it is also beneficial to your health, particularly your mental health.

  • Utilize varying lighting for various purposes

After finishing the first step, which is to use ambient daylight, the next step is to use other forms of lighting in different areas of your cafe. It will help if you put some accent lighting over the register and in the kitchen. Lighting fixtures mounted high on the walls or columns draw the eye upwards, drawing focus to the architecture or to a specific feature. You can also try decorating your cafe with eye-catching lights, which will add a unique touch.

Since this focuses on developing a specific aesthetic for your cafe, the practicality of the lighting can take a back seat. Daylight and overhead lighting, for instance, provide excellent ambient light but do not suffice for an effective lighting design. To complete the layered look, you should also use lamps and wall sconces. If you want to give your room more personality and character, try installing light fixtures in various hues. However, try to maintain uniform color temperatures and intensities throughout all of your lighting fixtures and layers.

  • Keep glare out of your cafe

In cafes, natural light can be beautiful, but it can also cause eye-straining glare, especially as the sun sets. Proper ambient lighting and window curtains can help. Ambient sunlight is one of three layers you should use to counter glare in your coffee establishment. Task and accent lighting, such as desk lamps or ceiling-mounted light fixtures, can illuminate areas the primary light source cannot reach. If you lower the blinds and switch the lights on, you may create the desired ambiance without glare. Additionally, this can assist in reducing the amount of heat generated by natural illumination in your coffee shop.

Try to find lights that can be readily brightened or dimmed as the sun’s angle changes. Your selection of furniture also plays a role. Tables and chairs with matte surfaces will not reflect light, which can be an issue with glossy surfaces.

  • Evaluate the interior design and available space

To distinguish itself from competitors, every cafe must have a unique aesthetic. When designing a room, three elements must be taken into account: the design, the desired outcome, and the available space. If your project involves a small restaurant, you may simply need to illuminate individual tables, but if it involves a huge restaurant, you will need to illuminate multiple distinct sections, as we’ve mentioned earlier.

The space, as well as the type of design chosen, must be guided by the type of target to be attained: pay special attention to the kind of audience the restaurant plans to attract in order to select the most appropriate lighting for the project.

  • Create a cozy and comfortable evening ambiance 

Although bright sunshine is delightful throughout the day, it’s time to move to a more intimate and relaxing lighting scheme when night falls. This is a fantastic concept for any cafe that aims to promote a laid-back and pleasant atmosphere. One of the most simple and inexpensive ways to set the tone of a coffee shop with minimal investment of time and money is to lower the brightness of the lights. You can also purchase and set up some small lighting fixtures during the evening.

Customers need to be able to unwind after a hectic day by the time they walk through your doors. After dark, it’s best to utilize soft lighting to create an atmosphere of intimacy and serenity where they may unwind totally. A low-lighting configuration is relatively cost-effective as it uses less energy, resulting in a low electricity bill.

  • Let your light attract attention to your decorations

You do not need to install lights that appear and feel like lights to brighten an area. You may add drama and elegance to your café by using lights shaped like stunning decorative objects or conventional lighting in inventive new ways. Using accent lighting for this aim is one of our top coffee shop lighting suggestions in this regard. These sorts of lighting are really aesthetically beautiful. 

You can use them to create various focal points within your cafe. These lights are designed to attract customers’ attention to specific parts of your café. Suppose, for instance, you have a stunning sculpture in one corner of the cafe, but it isn’t easy to appreciate its beauty in the evening when the lights are dim.

Therefore, you can utilize accent lighting to emphasize this sculpture, not only to make it more apparent but also to make it more attractive and aesthetically pleasant than it was. Utilize task, ambient, and accent lighting in a harmonious and balanced manner to create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere in your café.

Bottom Line

When designing the atmosphere of a restaurant, lighting is a critical element. It’s a key factor that can make or break your diners’ happiness and enjoyment. Your customers’ behaviors, and by extension their overall impression and enjoyment of a restaurant, are strongly influenced by the lighting in the cafe’s interior. Consider your cafe’s overall aesthetic and the kind of customers you hope to attract when conceptualizing your lighting plan. To properly illuminate your café, just remember the fundamentals of color theory, lighting, contrast, and artwork placement. 

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