The Role of Maintenance and Upkeep in Preserving the Quality of your Shopfitting Investment

Shop Fitting Services / July 12, 2023

There are many good reasons to keep property maintained, some of them obvious, some less so, but all of which add strength to the argument in its favour. The team here at 360 Shopfitters has a wealth of experience and knowledge in all aspects of designing and creating amazing, unique interiors. This article is the product of our collective thoughts on the best reasons to keep property maintained and the methods involved in doing so where applicable.

Safety first

As the owners of a property where people work, you have certain legal responsibilities regarding their upkeep and the reduction of hazards wherever possible. The range of dangers you need to account for include, but are not limited to:

  • Pests and vermin
  • Mould
  • Gas appliances
  • Electrics
  • Structural issues
  • Unhygienic areas

There can be dire consequences to having unclean work environments and the further a premises is allowed to lapse into disrepair due to negligence or insufficient maintenance practices, the higher the risk of some of these and other issues becomes.

Keeping tenants healthy and free of avoidable safety hazards is so much easier and more effective in a well-maintained building. Efficient cleaning and maintenance regimes are the backbone of any responsible landlord’s actions and are both morally and financially sound. Preventing occupants from becoming sick or injured through a formal, structured system is the best way to keep clients safe and happy and ensure the longevity of the property.

Mitigating repair costs

The longer certain problems and issues in any premises are allowed to persist and go unchecked, the worse the long-term consequences tend to be. Regular maintenance and servicing are the best way to keep assets in the best possible condition and extend their longevity accordingly. Time, money, and resources spent keeping a regular eye on problematic areas will be dwarfed by the time-consuming nature and costs of larger-scale repairs that surely follow long periods of neglect and inaction.

The worst-case scenario in retail properties is these bigger issues necessitate the closure of the business for the duration of any repairs, something the landlord might legally be held responsible for. Regular upkeep and maintenance are crucial and cost-efficient in the long run and should never be overlooked as catching maintenance issues early can drastically reduce annual repair costs. Being proactive and realistic about unavoidable expenses and maintenance requirements represents a big step towards lowering expenses and preserving the value of the property.

Restricting depreciation of property value

There is a direct correlation between the amount of time and money spent maintaining and preserving the quality of a property and its long-term depreciation. Cutting costs in this area represents a terrible false economy that will only ever result in short-term advantages. When playing the long game, it is never a good idea to allow short-sighted, immediate savings to be valued above actions preventing neglect and disrepair.

The value and ‘rentability’ of a well-maintained property will be higher

Property prices and rents have sky-rocketed over recent years but we have all borne witness to this trend before. When the bubble bursts, those properties that have been meticulously looked after and respected are much more likely to retain their appeal. Potential tenants, especially retail ones, are not looking to move into properties that require work to present a good image. Overall, the chances of vacancy are reduced as tenants prefer clean, well-maintained premises that don’t display signs of disrepair, dirt, and general wear and tear.

We’ve all dealt with landlords who promise the Earth to get our signatures onto the contract but fail to deliver once we sign. A property that looks fresh and amazing is one that tenants will feel excited to inhabit, making them much more valuable and allowing for increased rental prices. Keeping your property in good working order will not only help you to secure quality tenants but keep them for the foreseeable future. Any money spent maintaining and repairing the property will surely be recouped if the time comes to sell and it remains in superb condition.

Practical steps you can take

How much time and money you need to spend maintaining your property in its best possible state are not fixed, knowable entities. As we have seen, keeping on top of any potential issues is key to the ongoing condition of the property and it is not acceptable to simply rely on tenants to inform you of any problems as they come up. Instead, it is essential to have a schedule of regular checks and services in place. The sooner you can catch and deal with any maintenance problems, the easier and cheaper it will be to stay on top of the situation and know exactly where you stand. Ensure you have:

  • Clear, detailed inspection checklists
  • A set schedule and timeline for inspections
  • Experienced, skilled technicians who know what to look for
  • All the equipment and materials needed to perform necessary maintenance and small repairs
  • Systems for reporting issues

When it comes to dealing with everything from leaking taps to blown fuses and signs of impending structural issues, you can do no better than to have experienced maintenance technicians on your team. We all know an older guy who seems able to deal with every practical issue that comes up in the home, garage, and every other conceivable scenario. Find those gems, get them on your payroll, and you will save yourself tons of money and stress in the long run.

Some others factors to consider

Environmental issues

When planning the ideal routine for cleaning and maintaining your property, there is no better time to do your part for the environment. It’s not just that you will be doing it from the goodness of your heart or an innate sense of responsibility, although those should be enough motivation in and of themselves. Modern, forward-thinking businesses also want to do their part for the greater good and, cynically or not, be able to show they are environmentally friendly. It does not suit their purposes or image to be housed in an old-fashioned property that addresses none of the issues at hand.

Paying due attention to the environment might actually be a much larger selling point than you imagine so think about every aspect of the property, the processes that happen inside. Ask yourself these and other questions:

  • Are there any ways to reduce the emissions and other pollutants this building produces?
  • Would it be greener to install gas boilers or electric ones?
  • Is there any possibility to promote the use of electric vehicles by offering charging stations?
  • Are all of the cleaning products the crew uses as eco-friendly as they can be?

Some simple research should start you down the right path in terms of reducing the footprint and environmental impact of your property.

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