Top 5 Reasons Why Restaurant Customers Prefer Booths Over Tables

Blog, Shop Fitting Services / March 27, 2020

A great restaurant not only serves amazing food, but also pays attention to the comfort of their diners. In general, a restaurant should have a variety of seating options available for their customers. Some people like dining at tables, while others prefer using couches or booths. Having a wide range of options allows a restaurant to satisfy a diverse crowd of diners, which is why it’s important for you to establish a good mix of seating arrangements.

But have you ever wondered why most people prefer booths over dining tables? Knowing the preferences of your diners is crucial to the success of your business. Here are the top 5 reasons why customers find booths much better than tables.

  1. It offers more privacy

Customers like a bit of privacy when dining. It allows them to have discreet conversations between one another and enjoy the food they’re eating. Whether it’s a local hole in the wall or a tablecloth establishment, a booth generally offers more privacy than a standard dining table. When a booth is situated against the wall, it blocks off one side of the benches and table, thus offering a more personal dining space.

Booths with high-back benches are great at blocking sound off and keeping conversations confined between diners. It also keeps other diners from seeing the party seated in the booth. Furthermore, booths are more secure for keeping jackets, bags, and purses. Just place them on the blocked off side and they’re less likely to get stolen.

  1. It’s more comfortable

One of the main reasons why diners love booths is because it’s extremely comfortable. The soft, padded seats provide a plush feel that wood or steel chairs simply can’t replicate. Booths are also sturdier than chairs, which gives dinners additional support when seated. Customers won’t feel their weight as much in a booth which helps reduce physical fatigue as well.

Another advantage that booths have over tables is that the benches have a larger seating surface. In most cases, more wiggle room means a more comfortable dining experience. Chairs are often unsturdy when used by larger diners, but with booths, they won’t have any issues with wobbly seats.

  1. It contributes to less traffic

Because booths are often situated against walls, it limits traffic from one or two sides. Patrons and restaurant staff can only pass through one side of the booth (which is definitely not the case with tables). Traffic tends to move across all four sides of a table and this can prove distracting for your average diner. Coats, purses, and bags can catch their chair or elbow and the constant movement of the staff can cause a minor annoyance. With booths, the diners are protected from such inconveniences and allow them to enjoy their food while maintaining conversations. It also provides simpler access for both the customers and the staff, making it easier to request and retrieve orders from the proper side. This results in quicker customer service and faster table turnover.

  1. It’s cozier and more relaxing

There’s no doubt that booths just feel warmer and cozier than sitting at a table. Finished eating a hearty meal? Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the restaurant’s atmosphere. Booths shelter you from all the commotion whereas tables leave you feeling a bit exposed. The combination of privacy, comfort, and relaxation all help enhance the customer’s dining experience.

  1. It’s more spacious

Booths offer generous space for diners to spread out. There are even semi-circular booths that add extra seats to the corners for patrons to sit on. Plenty of working professionals frequent lunchtime places with spacious booths to accommodate their peers. Having additional space also means more storage for their belongings such as bags, computers, and other essentials without fear of having them snatched right in front of them. 

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