5 Signs Your Restaurant is in Dire Need of an Interior Fit-out

Shop Fitting Services / November 3, 2020

There’s no denying that the restaurant industry is highly competitive in nature. There are a wide variety of options for customers and the margins are somewhat small for business owners. This is why having a positive advantage is crucial to running a successful restaurant. By offering excellent service, a great tasting menu, and a unique ambience, you can separate yourself from the sea of other restaurants that offer the same old dining experience.

If your restaurant doesn’t have a functional and attractive decor, it can affect the dining experience of your customers. An excellent menu deserves to be complemented with a warm, inviting atmosphere and this can only be achieved with a professional fit-out. Some restaurant owners overlook the fact that their establishment is using an outdated design and layout that not only affects the customers but the efficiency of their staff as well.

Here are 5 tell-tale signs that your restaurant is in dire need of an interior fit-out.

  1. Health hazards

One of the main reasons for renovating your restaurant is the presence of health hazards. Things like mould and asbestos can threaten the health of your employees which is why you want to keep your establishment modern and up to date. The kitchen is one area that’s prone to mould buildup due to the presence of moisture and lack of ventilation.

Furthermore, older restaurants are built using asbestos which is known to cause respiratory problems. Should asbestos become exposed, it must be removed immediately. If you have any health hazards present in your restaurant, it’s a huge sign that it needs a renovation as soon as possible.

  1. Customer feedback

A great restaurant knows how to make their diners feel comfortable. This is because a part of the dining experience is about enjoying the atmosphere. But a welcoming staff and an excellent food service cannot compensate for a drab paint job, an uncomfortable chair, or even a tight dining space. Asking for feedback from your diners is a good way to determine whether or not your current fit out is working to your advantage.

  1. Wear and tear

If there’s anything that’s old or worn out inside your restaurant, you should definitely consider replacing them. It’s much better to invest in renovating an old restaurant rather than dealing with costly repairs later on. Things like broken rungs, torn seats, and chipped wooden tables can affect the overall dining experience of your customers and leave them dissatisfied. To create a relaxing and satisfying ambience for your customers, make sure that everything is in good condition. 

Keep in mind that a fresh and modern-looking restaurant complements an exquisite menu. Not only will this encourage your existing customers to return, but it will also attract new customers that are eager to explore your meals. For example, adding light fixtures can help set the mood whilst new furnishings allow you to maximise space inside your restaurant.

Targeted repair works will help prolong the lifespan of the electrical and plumbing system, thus reducing the operating costs that reflect in your monthly bills. To further enhance the dining experience, we recommend adding a bit of customer-pleasing amenities like in-house music and free WIFI.

  1. High energy costs

Controlling the costs of food ingredients is already difficult. The last thing you need is the added headache of high energy costs in your utility bills. This is where energy-efficient remodelling comes in. By reducing your restaurant’s energy consumption, you get to save on utility bills that you can use to further improve other aspects of the establishment. Some of the options for this specific fit-out include retooled HVAC systems, insulated window installations, and air-lock entryways.

Upgrading your restaurant’s lighting is also another factor worth considering. Interior LED lights and exterior metal halide lighting can bring your electricity costs down by a huge margin. Not only that, but these lights are much more pleasing to the eye and will recreate a modern and sophisticated feel to your restaurant.

  1. Inefficient kitchen

The kitchen is the lifeblood of your restaurant. If the staff is operating inefficiently, you are less likely to satisfy the taste buds of your avid diners. In order for the wait staff to deliver food on time, they must have ample room to navigate safely and properly in a line full of trays and hot plates.

Consult with reputable commercial fit out companies about production logistics. These experts know how to create space for efficient workflow which is a must in a busy kitchen. A congested kitchen severely limits your staff’s ability to serve food on time, something that diners are very quick to point out.

Even if your menu is excellent and the reservations are constantly coming in, time will come that your restaurant will need an exterior fit-out. Observe your establishment and find out if any of these flaws are existing. A functional and professional-looking restaurant can help make your establishment stand out from the rest and offer a dining experience that’s unlike any other.